Welcome to Bramble Heights, our land in the middle of nowhere.Trees and Sky

Bramble Heights is thirty acres of granite outcrops, swamp, bog and meadows deep in the wilderness of Central Frontenac County.  We call it Bramble Heights because there isn't any higher land for miles around and blackberries grow wherever the Sun can reach the ground.

We moved to the land in 2012 and have been slowly and carefully building our farm ever since. We work with our animals to build gardens, reclaim streams that were blocked when the land was logged and provide a sustainable, natural and pesticide-free environment for our livestock and ourselves.

We are off the grid. We use solar power to run our computer and electric fences but otherwise use no electricity or fuel for heat, light or pumping water.


We believe in raising our animals in an ethical fashion.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and let us know if you have any questions.