Pasturized Pigs

Lucky The Boar and Quinn The Sow relax with their PigletsWe breed and raise Heritage Pigs on pasture at Bramble Heights.  Our small herd of two Sows and one Boar live together in constantly changing, forested pasture.

Not Modern Pig Raising

Our philosophy at Bramble Heights includes raising our Pigs as humanly as possible. Our Pigs are healthy, drug and suppliment free and have plenty of space to move around outside, rooting in the forest floor.

Since our small farm is mostly rocky and otherwise poor for agriculture, we use the Pigs to help us "reclaim" land.  Our Boar, Lucky and the two Sows, Hobbs & Quinn are *very* good at rooting out paths and pastures through swamp (rocks, stumps, etc.).  In turn, the Pigs have a natural diet of roots, plants, grubs and what Pigs might having been eating before Factory Pig Farming was invented ;)

Why Heritage Breeds?

As opposed to being a "modern" breed, our Boar, "Lucky" is a mostly Berkshire Pig.  He wieghts about 600 pounds and has the strong muscles, sharp tusks and compact neck typical of Berkshire.  So he is excellent at rooting.

Lucky uses his huge neck muscles and sharp tusks to tear apart rotting stumps, dig tree roots, turn sod and generally, do whatever terra forming, wallow digging or construction activity he sees fit.

Our two Sows, "Quinn" & "Hobbs" are half Berkshire, half Tamworth.  Crossbred Sows are generally healthier and more productive than purebred Sows.  Quinn & Hobb's Tamworth halves complements their Berkshire halves with a good degree of fat and long bodies.  Fat provides them with plenty of energy reserves.  They are excellent mothers. Long bodies are passed on to their Piglets... ...plenty of bacon :)