Frying A Sausage

You can control how much salt and spice is in your sausage.  Here's how.


  • Sausages!  This method works well for "farmers sausage" and other sausages that are going to be fried then served to accompany something else.


  • A frying pan (preferably cast iron or heavy)
  • A fork


  • Place your frozen sausages in the frying pan and just cover with water.
  • Place on stove and heat to boiling over fairly high heat
  • The longer you boil your sausages, the more salt comes out. So just bring your sausages to a boil the first time you try this, see how that works for you.
  • Lower heat slighty, drain and proceded to fry sausages turning occasionally with the fork.
  • You can poke holes in your sausages as they fry to let fat run out if you like.  Watch for squirts.